It’s very rare that you fly with the same person more than once or twice, let alone fly with your friends, so you can imagine my excitement when my friend Emma was able to swap onto my flight to Prague!

It was an afternoon departure out of Dubai, so we were feeling well rested and ready for some exploring the next day. The flight was pretty busy, but we survived!

Once we reached Prague, it was a bit of a drive to the hotel, and time was getting on, so we popped to a bar with an outdoor terrace next to the hotel for a sunset drink.

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After my 24 hours in Sydney, it was time to head off to Christchurch! This trip used to go to Auckland instead of Christchurch, so it was my first time visiting the city. Despite the chilly winter weather (which I had definitely underestimated…) I was so happy to be exploring a new place.

The view flying in was spectacular, and got me excited for what was to come.

I was itching to go skiing, but sadly there just wasn’t enough time on this short layover!

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve spent time sightseeing in Sydney, and this trip I had two layovers there, and was determined to make the most of them!

It’s a 14 hour flight from Dubai to Sydney, and now that one crew has been removed from our long haul flights in first class, we were kept on our toes, to say the least! I was certainly ready for my bed once we checked in to our hotel in the morning, but made sure to set an alarm to at least spend some of the day awake.

Sunrise in Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House

First things first, a walk to see the Harbour Bridge and Opera House!

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When I got my roster last month and saw that I had a flight to Vienna coming up, I knew I was in for a treat. My school friend Iris sent me a message asking if I had any plans, and we soon made one, for her to come up and stay for 24 hours.

We try to catch up whenever possible, but it’s usually only once or twice a year, depending on how often I’m able to get back to Austria. She had taken the bus from her hometown Klagenfurt (where I also lived for 6 years) to come and meet me in Vienna, and was waiting in our hotel when I arrived from Dubai.

We immediately changed and got ready to head out into the city.

It was around a 30 minute stroll to the city centre, and it was so good to catch up as we walked!

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The first half of this year has already sped by, and soon we’ll be in August!

I’ve been flying lots this month, but have been visiting lots of lovely destinations. Next month I got a couple of my bids, and am very happy with my roster. I’ll be heading off to:

  • PRG – Prague, Czech Republic
  • PRG – Prague, Czech Republic
  • NCE – Nice, France
  • Visa Renewal
  • NCE – Nice, France
  • CPT – Cape Town, South Africa
  • SYD – CHC – Sydney, Australia & Christchurch, New Zealand

I’m really happy I have two trips to Prague – the last time I visited was around 6 years ago when I was inter railing around Europe with my best friend Lucy. I’d love any tips for secret spots or must-visit areas of the city!

Nice was also was one of my bids, and I’ve only been there once so I’ll be making the most of my layovers. Perhaps I’ll be able to visit one of the nearby towns such as Monaco or Eze.

In between my two flights to Nice I have my visa renewal! It’s every 3 years, and although my official 6 year anniversary won’t be until December, it’s done a little bit in advance. How times flies!

Then it’s off to Cape Town, which is one of my favourites, although since it’s winter there it’ll probably be quite chilly!

Lastly for August I have another trip to Sydney and Christchurch, which I really enjoyed this time around.

Stay tuned as always on here if you enjoy following my trips around the world!

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