After a short and easy night flight I arrived once again in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


The last time I was here was in August, and aside from eating and reading by the pool, I didn’t do a whole lot!

This time I wanted to at least get out of the hotel grounds, so myself and a few of the other crew arranged to meet in the afternoon. Our flight arrives early morning and the hotel keeps the breakfast buffet open for us so we can go and have free breakfast before checking in. Who can say no to free breakfast?!

After a few hours sleep I was ready to do a bit of exploring. Our first stop was a restaurant which our purser (who is from Dhaka) had recommended, not too far from the hotel. The minute we stepped out we were surrounded by people asking us for money and food, which made me feel slightly uncomfortable!

We all ordered some butter chicken and garlic naan, which was delicious but very spicy!


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On my recent layover to Moscow, myself and one of the other business class crew, Raluca, decided to get a bit of fresh air and explore the area. Our crew hotel has changed so I haven’t been around the area we stay in before, and we started the day off with a coffee at Starbucks in the mall opposite the hotel.

After a browse around the shops (and some very interesting Russian fashion!) we headed outside. Within a few minutes walk there was a beautiful park, which we later found out is called Sokolniki Park.

On the way we passed by a lovely church, painted in gorgeous turquoise blue colours. If the sky wasn’t going to be blue, at least the church could show us some colour!


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My roster for October has just been published, and although it’s my 2nd top bid I didn’t really get anything I asked for! I think that’s because as well as having 5 days leave I’m also scheduled for my visa renewal. I can’t believe how quickly that’s come around, sometimes it feels like I’ve only just joined!

I’ll be starting the month off with my Mauritius flight, which technically was from my September roster.

Then comes my birthday, and as of yet I still have no plans! Next up is:

  • KHI (Karachi turnaround)
  • KWI (Kuwait turnaround)
  • MAN (Manchester layover)
  • Leave (5 days, plus a couple of days off either side)
  • DME (Moscow layover)
  • IKA (Tehran turnaround)
  • DAC (Dhaka layover)
  • Visa Renewal
  • Can-Use (this is basically stand-by, if my visa renewal takes longer I’ll be in Dubai, if not I’ll most likely get rostered a flight).

Now, funny story for those last 3 flights. I was actually rostered a San Fransisco flight, but I’m not a massive fan of US flights so I put it up on swap shop to see if anybody had any good offers.

However, during my flight to Singapore one of the guys was asking around if anybody had any days off (which I did, 5 in a row right after my leave) and was desperate to take them. I wouldn’t normally give away my days off (understandably) but he was offering 2500 DHS (which is equivalent to just over 600 Euros!!) if I took his flights. 😀 Turns out he has a rich boyfriend who is willing to pay for him to get rid of his flights…and who can resist that kind of money just to swap a couple of flights?! I think that’ll pay for my next holiday on my upcoming leave, haha!

So there you go, that’s my schedule for next month! I would love to get rid of my turnarounds at the beginning of the month and maybe see if I can swap that Manchester, so stay tuned to see where in the wold I end up!

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Frankfurt is a city that I never really thought twice about. I’ve actually flown there a couple of times, but since we used to stay in a hotel away from the city, most of the crew would just meet for drinks in the hotel and have a relaxing layover. However, since our new crew hotel is now only a 20 minute walk from the city centre, I decided to give it a visit!

If you saw my July roster post you would have seen that I was meant to be flying to Guangzhou. Well, I checked my roster a couple of days before and it had suddenly changed to Frankfurt! No complaints on my side; although Guangzhou would have been a new city to tick off the list, it’s not somewhere I’m particularly fussed about visiting.

The flight over to Frankfurt was nice and short, around 6 hours, although it was a 3am departure which meant lots of coffee was needed! Once we arrived I had a good nap, then got myself ready to do some exploring.


Getting into bed as the sun is rising – that’s cabin crew life for you!

After a scorching walk into the city (35 degrees no less, I almost felt like I was back in Dubai but without the air-con!) it was time to hit the shops.

The central street in Frankfurt is called the Zeil, and has everything you could ever need! I was on a mission to find shoes to go with my dress for Kirsty’s wedding next month (my ex-flatmate who has now moved to Hong Kong) but it was mission unsuccessful this time.

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Last month I was lucky enough to be rostered a flight to Venice. It’s been years since I’ve been there, and it just so happened it was on Mum’s birthday!

So we decided to try and have a little family get-together in celebration, and other than my brother Harry we all made it! Mum & Dad got the train down from Austria, my brother Matthew flew in from Munich, and my sister Lizzie and her boyfriend Jarett flew in from England, where they are currently living.

The flight was busy but nice and short, and straight after arriving at the hotel I got the shuttle bus to the city to meet the family.


I’d checked the weather forecast the night before whilst packing my bag, however it didn’t turn out to be quite the sunny day that I’d expected…. thunderstorms and pouring rain all day!

Luckily we all had plenty to catch up on and sat drinking thick Italian hot chocolate until the rain subsided a little.


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