Part two of my 6-day trip took me to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We arrived pretty late in the evening, and after checking in headed down to the hotel bar to sample some Argentinian wine!

We were up early the next morning and after breakfast decided to get the hop-on hop-off bus around the city. Only one of the girls had been to Buenos Aires before, so it was the perfect way to get to see the city.


The guide on the bus recommended a few places for us to get off and see, and our first stop was the “La Recoleta” Cemetery. It is home to the graves of many famous Argentinians, such as Eva Perón, presidents of Argentina, and a granddaughter of Napoleon. On the way there the bus passed by plenty of statues and sights.

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This past week I’ve had a bit of time off from flying and been back in training college, studying for my business upgrade!

The 5 day course covered everything we’ll need to know transitioning from economy to business class (although I have a sneaky suspicion that once I’m onboard it’ll all be very different!).

Before the course started we were given some homework to prepare ourselves, and the first morning was spent doing an assessment to test our knowledge. Luckily everyone passed and we were all able to continue! View Post

4:50am: My alarm goes off relatively early this morning, and it takes a couple of snoozes before I manage to drag myself out of bed.

I do my hair and make-up and put on my uniform, and make sure to have some breakfast before I leave. I’ve made sure to pack my cabin bag (which has my waistcoat, oven gloves, crew pyjamas and cabin shoes as well as a few other bits and bobs) the night before so that’s completely ready to go,and my big suitcase just needs a few things thrown in at the last minute like my make-up and glasses. View Post

So my July roster has just come out….and let’s just say it isn’t the most exciting one I’ve ever had! 

I’ll be heading to:

  • Hyderabad (t/a)
  • Newcastle (anybody fancy taking this one for me?!)
  • Amsterdam
  • New York (Yay! Killer flight I’ve heard, but I’m so ready to do some shopping!)
  • Medina (t/a)
  • Sydney 
  • Kuwait (t/a)
  • Riyadh (t/a)

As you can see I’ve been given a fair few turnarounds! Not so much fun…but at least you get to come back to your own bed at the end of the day!

First of all, my apologies for the long absence from my blog. I literally have not had a minute to sit at my computer and upload anything!
I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was headed to San Francisco this month. I love exploring new destinations, and San Fran was definitely one on the bucket list! 
After a looooong 15 hour flight we finally arrived at our hotel, and I was greeted by a lovely view of the lake and hotel pool from my room. We made plans to meet up bright and early the next morning for a full day of sightseeing.


After a huuuuge breakfast of eggs benedict and a frothy cappuccino (why do Americans insist on giving such huge portions?!) we were ready to do some exploring.

A quick ride on the BART and we arrived in Union Square. 


Our plan for the day was to take the hop on – hop off bus and get out at any places we liked the look of. The night before I had also tried to arrange for the concierge to get us tickets to Alcatraz but unfortunately it was fully booked until the end of June. We popped into a tourist info centre and the lovely lady suggested going straight to the Alcatraz pier and checking if they had any cancellations, unfortunately this wasn’t the case and it’ll have to be on my to-do list for next time.

We walked on over to Pier 39, which is apparently the 3rd most visited tourist attraction in California!


We had a lovely stroll down the pier, browsing the shops and taking plenty of pictures.


At the end of the pier is a wonderful view out to see. Our first sighting of the Golden Gate Bridge!


Before we knew it lunchtime had arrived, and we decided to go for a very typical American lunch…. In-n-out burger!


Not healthy in the slightest, but very delicious!


After lunch the 6 of us who were out decided to split up. The other 3 didn’t want to pay for the hop on-hop off bus so they did their own thing and us girls got on the bus ready to see the Golden Gate Bridge up close!

The bus stops at quite a few places along the way, however we realised that if we got off at each stop we just wouldn’t have enough time. 


Here it is! We stayed on the bus until the other side of the bridge, and got off in the beautiful town of Sausalito.


Once we were off the bus, we had a leisurely stroll around Sausalito. It’s a gorgeous little town with beautiful houses nestled into the hillside, and lots of palm trees dotted about!


We decided to stop for a drink by the water and chose a delicious local white wine from Napa Valley to share. Next time I get a flight to SFO I’m definitely going to go there for a wine tasting trip! 


Soon enough it was time to head back over the bridge into the city. The bus took us through the main areas (however any street names or significant areas seem to have slipped my mind now!) and we ended up back where we started, at Union Square.


Just in time for a bit of shopping – we were in America, after all!

What a wonderful layover. I’d love to go back to San Francisco, as there’s so much more to explore, see and do. If only the flight wasn’t such a killer!


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