A trip to Petra & the Dead Sea

After my incredible holiday to Zanzibar, I still had some days of leave left. I didn’t want to stay in Dubai when I have such a great opportunity to get cheap tickets and travel, so my friend Sally and I decided spontaneously to go to Jordan!

Our plan was to visit Petra and the Dead Sea.

Our first stop was Amman airport. After a 3 hour delay due to a technical fault on the plane, and a 3 hour flight, we finally arrived!

DSC_0709 IMG_0739

In a bid to save a bit of money, we decided to get the public bus to Petra. After a rather squashed, very long journey, we finally arrived in Petra! Our original plan had been to visit Petra in the afternoon, but due to the flight delay and long bus journey, we were a bit later than planned.

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