A snowy break in Austria

After my flight from Paris I decided to use the lovely string of 5 days off that had appeared on my roster and go home. I still had my annual leave ticket to use up, so even though the flights weren’t too full, I thought I may as well use my free ticket before it ran out!

After a quick flight to Vienna (where I somehow managed to sleep the whole way!) and a few hours hanging around in the airport, I was on my way to Klagenfurt.


After a lovely relaxed evening at home, spent eating baked Camembert brought with me from Paris, and catching up on episodes of Downton Abbey, I had an early night.

The next day I met up with my friends Iris and Claudio, who were home for the Christmas holidays.


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This morning I woke up and the first thing I saw when I looked out of the window was SNOW!

Normally, I am not a winter person. At all. Hence the big move to Dubai, where it is pretty much warm and sunny all year round. However, all of a sudden everyone has been getting excited about Christmas, winter, skiing, etc etc, so I was kind of secretly hoping to see some snow before I moved. And now it has snowed! 


This is what my garden looked like first thing this morning! It’s actually still snowing pretty heavily so there is probably a quite bit more on the ground now!