Ciao Venezia!

Last month I was lucky enough to be rostered a flight to Venice. It’s been years since I’ve been there, and it just so happened it was on Mum’s birthday!

So we decided to try and have a little family get-together in celebration, and other than my brother Harry we all made it! Mum & Dad got the train down from Austria, my brother Matthew flew in from Munich, and my sister Lizzie and her boyfriend Jarett flew in from England, where they are currently living.

The flight was busy but nice and short, and straight after arriving at the hotel I got the shuttle bus to the city to meet the family.


I’d checked the weather forecast the night before whilst packing my bag, however it didn’t turn out to be quite the sunny day that I’d expected…. thunderstorms and pouring rain all day!

Luckily we all had plenty to catch up on and sat drinking thick Italian hot chocolate until the rain subsided a little.


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