Chicago, Part II

So I know my latest post was about Chicago, but seeing as I went back there after 5 days off I thought it only best to upload some more pictures of this beautiful city!

In my days off beforehand I decided to go home and surprise mum…it didn’t quite go to plan as I ended up not getting on the first flight I tried as it was completely overbooked, so I got the first flight to Europe which ended up being Milan, then connected on to Vienna, and finally running and catching a train to Klagenfurt without about 10 seconds to spare! I was more than a little tired after two nights without a bed (CRC coming home on the overnight flight from Chicago, then getting a few hours sleep in a not-so-comfy economy seat!) but it was great to be home for a few days.

We popped up to the house in the mountains to get it ready for some guests who were arriving the next day, and also had a long walk through the woods behind the house. 


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The Windy City!

I’ve just got back from one of our newest destinations…Chicago! I think we operated the 5th flight there, so of course none of us had been before and we were very happy to be going. We flew out on the 777-200 which is great, as it means less passengers for us 😀

The flight took around 13 hours and 45 minutes. After clearing customs and collecting our bags, we waited for our bus to pick us up and drove around an hour to our hotel, which is handily located right in the centre. 

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Roma, Italia

I’ve just got back from a lovely layover in the beautiful city of Rome. We arrived early afternoon, and once we’d checked in we arranged to get the free shuttle bus from our hotel into the city.

We split up into groups (I think pretty much all of the crew took the bus into town!) and the three of us made our way to the colosseum. We stopped on the way to take plenty of pictures, this building is the parliament building of Rome.DSCN7674 View Post

Mauritius – Welcome to paradise!

I’ve just got back from what may possibly have been my best layover ever!

After a relatively short and easy flight, we arrived in Mauritius around 10am. The captain suggested we go on a speedboat trip which would take us to a waterfall, “paradise island” and to do some snorkelling and swimming. I was totally up for it, as it was my first time to the island.

Here’s the view from my balcony; the resort we stay in is beautiful!DSCN7452

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Milano & Lago di Como

After a short turnaround to Medina last week, I had a few days off and decided to escape the heat of Dubai. I couldn’t decide where to go and so after I got back from my flight I checked the loads of lots of places and finally decided on Milan. I booked my ticket and a hotel and packed my bags, and a few hours later I was at the airport ready to go!

Once I arrived I walked into the city centre, which luckily wasn’t far from my hotel.DSCN7192

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