London with Lucy!

The day before yesterday I got back from a layover in London! Well, technically we stayed in Heathrow, but you know. As soon as I saw LHR on my roster, I arranged to meet up with my best friend Lucy. The last time we saw each other was when she came over to Austria before I moved to Dubai, so over 7 months ago! 

The flight was one of those horrible night ones, leaving at 2:30am, which means being at the airport at half past midnight. It’s always tough trying to get sleep before a flight like that but I managed a couple of hours and then got ready and made my way to the airport. The flight itself wasn’t too bad, most of the passengers were asleep which is always good! 😀 We landed around 7am and by the time I’d got to my room I had about an hour to get some sleep before I needed to leave to meet Lucy. I got the Heathrow Express (50% off for airline crew – nice!) and then the tube to Liverpool Street. Just as I got off the train we spotted each other! 🙂

We decided to get the underground to Oxford Street to do some shopping. First stop however, was a much needed coffee!


Our main aim was to get to Primark, so we walked down Oxford Street and spent a good while and way too much money in there. Any time I get a London flight I try to stock up on skin coloured tights for work in Primark as they are at least twice the price in Dubai!

After a good couple of hours shopping we hopped back on the underground to have a little walk around Covent Garden and some lunch. After lunch we decided to walk down past Somerset House and cross the river Thames. We were being very touristy and taking lots of pictures all day! 😀


We wandered down towards the London Eye and sat on the grass relaxing in the sunshine and people watching. The weather was gorgeous, sunny and hot. All too soon it was time to go, so we walked past the London Eye along the Thames to the underground, making sure we got a few last pictures in. We said our goodbyes and headed separate ways. However if all goes well I will be flying back to England on leave in August, when we will get to see each other again! 🙂


Thanks so much for coming down to see me Luce, even if we only had a day together it was awesome! 🙂


  1. August 2, 2013 / 12:55 pm’s so amazing.tell more about your expriences

  2. Laura
    July 20, 2013 / 11:05 am

    Dear Rachel,

    Thank you sooooo much for sharing these amazing photos and all of your experiences! I really love, love, love reading your blog. Please don’t stop writing. 🙂

    I am thinking about applying for quite a while now, too. But I have a few questions. Would be so nice, if you would answer me.

    First of all I was wondering if you have ever felt unsafe in Dubai? When you go out late do you feel save coming home alone? How is your accomodation like, do you feel safe in the area where it is placed?

    Than I was asking myself if you have ever been afraid of travelling to destinations which aren’t as safe as europe for example? Have you ever been afraid of flying to a certain destination? Have you got any influence if you fly to these more insecure destinations?

    Sorry for my long questions… I would be so happy if you would answer me.

    Thank so much, already.


    • July 24, 2013 / 9:25 am

      Hi Laura! Thanks so much for reading, really glad you enjoy it 🙂
      I’ve honestly never felt unsafe in Dubai, it’s one of the safest places in the world to live! My accommodation is surrounded by other apartment buildings so I feel completely fine, even coming home in the middle of the night there are always people around!
      The only place I have flown to which isn’t very safe is Lagos, Nigeria, but we are told to stay in the hotel so it was absolutely fine. We do get an armed escort there from the airport to the hotel haha but there weren’t any problems at all! Other than that I can’t think of any unsafe destinations that we fly to!
      Let me know if you apply 🙂

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