Milano & Lago di Como

After a short turnaround to Medina last week, I had a few days off and decided to escape the heat of Dubai. I couldn’t decide where to go and so after I got back from my flight I checked the loads of lots of places and finally decided on Milan. I booked my ticket and a hotel and packed my bags, and a few hours later I was at the airport ready to go!

Once I arrived I walked into the city centre, which luckily wasn’t far from my hotel.DSCN7192

And stumbled upon this….The Duomo!DSCN7194 DSCN7198Just near the cathedral is the beautiful Galleria.DSCN7209 DSCN7210 DSCN7216 DSCN7217 DSCN7222It’s so light and airy, and also full of lots of very expensive shops!DSCN7228Seeing as I was in Italy after all, I decided to treat myself to an ice cream! DSCN7232The crew from the flight over had invited me to come to dinner with them, so once they arrived we all had some delicious pizza.

And as they hadn’t seen it yet, we headed back to the Duomo for another look!DSCN7236 DSCN7240 DSCN7242We then walked up to the castle, and had a few drinks sitting outside while the sun set.

All of us managed to get absolutely eaten alive by mosquitos, I think I counted at least 10 bites on one leg alone!DSCN7249The next morning I got up early to get the train to Varenna.

I wanted to see Lake Como and after having a quick look online I’d decided to go to Varenna, Bellagio and Como.DSCN7261DSCN7266I walked up the pretty streets of the little town of Varenna.DSCN7268At the top of the hill there is a monastery with some beautiful looking gardens but I didn’t go in as I wanted to catch the next boat to Bellagio.DSCN7276However you could still see the stunning views of Lake Como!DSCN7284 DSCN7290 DSCN7293 DSCN7297After a quick ferry across the water I arrived in the even prettier town of Bellagio.DSCN7306 DSCN7308 DSCN7314 DSCN7323 DSCN7325 DSCN7332The town is full of gorgeous winding streets and quaint houses.DSCN7339 DSCN7340 DSCN7346 DSCN7354 DSCN7357 DSCN7362 DSCN7366 DSCN7370After a spot of lunch in the sun (pasta, of course!) I got the fast ferry (1 hour instead of 2 on the slow ferry) to Como.

It stops off at quite a few little towns on the way, all very pretty.DSCN7373 DSCN7380 DSCN7385 DSCN7391Once I arrived I had a nice walk around the town (which is quite a bit bigger than Bellagio) and another ice cream; it would be a crime not to!DSCN7392 DSCN7399 DSCN7408 DSCN7412 DSCN7414 DSCN7418I’d read about a funicular that takes you up to the top of the hill above the town, so I found the entrance to that and got on.DSCN7421The views really were beautiful and it was definitely worth doing, as I didn’t find the town itself quite as pretty as Varenna or Bellagio.DSCN7428 DSCN7431 DSCN7435 DSCN7437 DSCN7441 DSCN7450After a walk around the top finding all of the best spots for photos, I came back down. The next train for Milan wasn’t leaving for an hour, so I spent my time wisely…trying a new ice cream flavour of course!

By the time I got back to Milan in the evening it was pretty late, so I didn’t really fancy doing much. I booked my tickets back and packed my bags, and early the next morning I was off.

I’m so glad I decided to escape Dubai and Ramadan for a couple of days, it was so worth it!

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  1. Anonymous
    November 7, 2014 / 6:16 pm

    I can totally tell you’re my twin, pizza,pasta and LOTS OF ICE CREAM<3

  2. Anonymous
    July 25, 2014 / 8:18 am

    Trying new icecream flavours is definitely THE way to go in Italy 😀

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