Snapshots from Orlando, Florida

It was my first time visiting Orlando, Florida, and after a long 15 hour flight we finally touched down around lunchtime.

The weather was gorgeous and sunny, and knowing that my sleep pattern would be completely messed up if I went to bed straight away, a few of us opted to share an uber to the nearby outlet mall once we’d checked in and freshened up.

We agreed on a time to meet later for dinner, and split up to hit the shops.

Being Easter weekend, the mall was crowded and busy, and I have to say I wasn’t really very impressed with any of the stuff on offer. After a quick browse and fuelling up on an iced coffee, I was ready to call it a day. I popped back to the hotel and met up with one of the girls for dinner a bit later on.

We walked to a nearby Mexican restaurant, Uncle Julio’s, which was busy but had a great atmosphere.

Of course we had to share some guacamole to start, and I ordered the fajitas which ended up being a portion big enough to feed about 4 people!

The next day most of the crew were heading to the theme parks – either Universal Studios or Disney World. Honestly I’m not a huge fan of theme parks or rollercoasters, and with it being Easter Saturday I decided to give the theme parks a miss.

Luckily we had Jason, the cabin supervisor, who had hired a car, as well as myself and Holly, who suggested a road trip to the nearby Cocoa Beach.

It was around an hour’s drive and although the weather was sadly not quite beach weather, we parked up and went for a stroll along the sand.

We decided to go for a little walk around the town, and stopped off for a delicious açai bowl. Yum!

At this point it started to drizzle a little, so we hurried back to the car and drove down the road to where there was a surfing competition being held!

We watched that for a while once the rain had disappeared again, and then made a mission to find key lime pie, which Holly was craving. Luckily there was a special shop in Cocoa Beach just for key lime pie, and it was delicious!

After our chilled time at the beach, we decided to make the drive back towards Orlando, stopping off at Whole Foods for some grocery shopping for the flight back.

With an 8 hour time difference, we were starting to feel the tiredness hit, so all had an early night before the pick up the next morning. Thanks to that time difference though, we were awake bright and early, and since we still had the hire car the three of us decided to head to a nearby diner for breakfast.

Thankfully we came early, as even before 8am it was already jam-packed! None of us could resist the delicious-sounding waffles on the menu, and I had mine with pecan nuts, bananas, strawberries, and a huge pile of whipped cream on the side!

Absolutely delicious, and I was very thankful I’d managed to squeeze in a workout the day before!

All too soon it was time to drop off the car and get ready for the long flight back to Dubai. I’m glad I was able to experience a different side to Orlando than just the theme parks, and actually had a really enjoyable layover!

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