A Walk Through Warsaw

It had been a while since I’d visited Warsaw, and I was looking forward to my second ever trip there. (Especially as it was -12 degrees last time!)

The flight is nice and short from Dubai at around 5 hours, and we landed around midday ready to explore.

Some of the crew were going home and some had plans to watch the world cup, so I met up with one of the guys who had some friends there who would show us around.

We strolled into the city, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

Our first stop was the palace of culture and science, which is the tallest building in Poland.

There’s a terrace on the 30th floor, which you can visit for an impressive panoramic view of the city.

You can see across to the old town by the water, the red roofs making an impressive sight against the grey buildings.

After spending some time admiring the view, we headed back down and for a wander into the city.

By this point the blue sky was slowly starting to disappear, and all of us were hoping it wouldn’t rain! We stopped off for a coffee and a bite to eat, before continuing on towards the old town centre.

Sadly it started to rain, and although I had my umbrella with me it was getting a bit chilly as well!

There was just time to get a few pictures in the square, before dinner at Zapiecek, a traditional style Polish restaurant serving up all types of dumplings imaginable!

We sampled a few different types of dumplings, served up with sour cream, meat gravy, and an ice-cold homemade hibiscus juice to wash it down. Delicious!

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