Snapshots of Sydney: Harbour Bridge, Opera House & Maroubra to Bondi Coastal Walk

It’s been quite a while since I’ve spent time sightseeing in Sydney, and this trip I had two layovers there, and was determined to make the most of them!

It’s a 14 hour flight from Dubai to Sydney, and now that one crew has been removed from our long haul flights in first class, we were kept on our toes, to say the least! I was certainly ready for my bed once we checked in to our hotel in the morning, but made sure to set an alarm to at least spend some of the day awake.

Sunrise in Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge & Opera House

First things first, a walk to see the Harbour Bridge and Opera House!

The weather was beautiful, and despite it being the middle of winter, I was far too warm with my jumper and jacket.

I grabbed a coffee to wake myself up, and strolled along the water’s edge, enjoying the view. It honestly feels like so long since I last went to see the harbour bridge, so it was nice to just be out in the sun!

Of course, around the corner is the opera house, one of Sydney’s other famous landmarks.

I had booked in for a workout class at F45 (a 45 minute high intensity interval training class, that originates in Australia) but still had a bit of time to spare, so wandered along the harbour, across to the other side.

You get another view of the Opera House from here, which is always nice! Before long I made my way to the workout class, and had an early dinner and bed in time for the 5am wake up call the next morning.

After my layover in Christchurch (which I’ll be blogging about soon!) we landed back into Sydney in the evening. The next morning I was up early to make use of my free trial at F45, and managed to squeeze in a workout as a warmup for the hike from Maroubra to Bondi Beach.

Maroubra to Bondi Beach Coastal Walk

Probably the most famous walk along Sydney’s coastline is the Bondi to Coogee walk (or reverse) but myself and two Irish girls on the trip decided to add on a few extra kilometres and walk from Maroubra to Bondi instead. It’s an absolutely stunning coastal walk, which will just leave you speechless at every corner.

We jumped on the bus from outside our hotel in the city centre to Maroubra beach, and with the three of us chatting away non-stop, we were there in no time!

First things first, we picked up a coffee (no matter where I go in the world, Aussie coffee will always remain the best!) and a bacon sandwich for some fuel along the way.

It’s an easy walk along paths and a few roads, and sometimes you can take shortcuts along the sand as well. I’ll just leave these photos here – I don’t think there’s too much that needs to be said about them!

Before we knew it, we’d arrived at the iconic Bondi Icebergs! 11km later, it was a stunning hike and all three of us were very pleased with ourselves.

Despite the winter chill in the air, there were still plenty of people out swimming, on the beach, and even a few brave surfers tackling the rough waves.

I’m so pleased I decided to join the girls on this walk, and will most definitely be doing it again. Thanks Sydney!

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