Hiking in Hong Kong

I was finally rostered 2 trips back to one of my favourite cities in the world – Hong Kong! My friend Kirsty has just given birth to her second baby, a beautiful daughter named Imogen, and I was so excited to meet her and catch up with Kirsty.

On my first trip out we were still staying in Causeway Bay, so I got the ferry over to Discovery Bay for some drinks and nibbles at her flat, before dinner in a nice restaurant and a good catch up there.

The second time around, our hotel had sadly closed down which meant a new location…the airport. I am so disappointed by this as we really had the most amazing location right in the heart of Hong Kong, but I guess it just means I’ll have to explore new areas!

I met Kirsty around lunchtime at the airport, as she was dropping her parents off to fly back to England after they’d been out to visit for a while. We got straight into a taxi to take us to Mui Wo, where we would start our hike.

First things first, cuddles with baby Imogen!

Once we arrived in Mui Wo (which wasn’t a long journey from the airport, but the roads were pretty steep and windy!) we started our hike, next to the beach.

The hike is quite easy to follow, and all of the pathways are paved. We soon arrived at the steps to take us uphill (with a slight detour having missed the signpost the first time!). Be warned, it’s a lot of steps!

Luckily the views and greenery (which I don’t get to see enough of living in Dubai!) more than make up for the steep steps.

Once you get to the top of the steps, there’s a little pagoda with a couple of benches, perfect for a quick sit down. On the other side of this you get a great view out across Hong Kong. We even managed to spot Disneyland in the distance.

As you continue the hike, you come across a Trappist Monastery, which you can have a look around. We had a quick look inside before carrying on the walk.

Soon we could see Discovery Bay in the distance, and could even spot Kirsty’s flat in the distance.

Eventually after around 2,5 hours, we reached Discovery Bay and popped up to the flat to see Dan and Theo (her husband and son). I still had some time before I had to be back in the hotel for pick-up, so we popped down to Discovery Bay Plaza and got a bite to eat. Soon enough I was back on the bus to the airport, getting ready for the flight back to Dubai.

I loved this hike, and I was so impressed with Kirsty who managed it with ease, having given birth just 3 weeks beforehand!

Hopefully see you soon, Hong Kong!

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