Chocolate Tasting in Bruges, Belgium

Last month I was lucky enough to have a 2 day layover in Brussels, Belgium. Although it wasn’t my first time visiting, I was happy to be going back and doing some more exploring. 

I had already decided that on the full day I would go to Bruges, and luckily 5 of the other crew were also up for the trip!

It’s an easy train journey from Brussels main station, and after an hour we arrived in Bruges (or Brugge, depending on whether you speak French or Dutch!).

From the train station we wandered into town, strolling through pretty tree-lined streets admiring the buildings.

First things first though, it was time for a hot chocolate! Every other shop in Bruges is a chocolate shop, so it was pretty tempting to just stop in every one and try some truffles, but we settled on a cute little cafe with an amazing hot chocolate selection.

Our hot chocolates came deconstructed – a huge bowl of milk, served with a mix of dark and milk chocolate chips (in a chocolate bowl!) and a whisk to mix everything together, and a variety of toppings including marshmallows and whipped cream. Definitely not diet-friendly, but very tasty!

Some of the crew also had some waffles, but since I’d had one at breakfast I decided the huge hot chocolate was enough for the moment 😉

We continued on walking through the city, stopping by the main square to check out the colourful buildings.

Sadly the weather was not great, although there was no rain it was a pretty cloudy day with a cool breeze.

There was lots of pretty wisteria in bloom all over, which I loved!

We stopped off at a couple of chocolate shops to try out a few different types of chocolate along the way 😉

Three of us decided to take a boat ride along the canals, and since the others didn’t fancy it, they took the train back to Brussels.

The boat ride was a great way to see a bit more of Bruges that you couldn’t see from just walking through the streets. We passed under the lowest bridge in the city, and saw so many pretty buildings along the way.

Eventually after our boat ride it was time to fuel up with some Belgian fries (with mayonnaise of course!) – this was definitely not a healthy day, but sometimes you just have to enjoy the local treats!

After  a great day out exploring Bruges, we hopped on the train back to Brussels, and since the sun had decided to make an appearance, we stopped off for a couple of sundowner drinks in the city.

All in all a really fun day out, eating a ton of chocolate and exploring a super cute town!

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