Brunch & Beach in Melbourne

I had a great layover in Melbourne, Australia not so long ago. My cousin Sarah, who lives there, was able to get a day off work, so we could spend the day together exploring!

Having visited Melbourne quite a few times now, I’ve seen a fair bit of the city, so Sarah decided to take me out to the beach.

Not before a hearty brunch of course, what Melbourne does best!

You can’t go wrong with coffee in Australia – they really take their coffee seriously and I just love the cafe culture and delicious cappuccinos and flat whites.

Another must in Australia for me is the avocado on toast – something they just always get right!

After filling up at brunch, Sarah drove us around half an hour out of the city, to a beautiful beach called Black Rock. It was a lovely coastal drive with great views the whole way.

We parked up and walked down the fairly steep cliff path, to the beautiful stretch of beach tucked away behind the cliffs.

We had a walk along the cliffs, before finding a nice spot to pop our towels down and get some sun. The weather was beautiful, hot and sunny.

We chilled out on the beach for a while, dipping our toes in the water – it was far too cold for a proper swim! Although there were a couple of people who we saw go completely under, I’ve definitely been spoilt by the warm sea water in Dubai and wasn’t brave enough to go in.

I managed to forget my sunglasses, and as it was pretty windy I got a fair bit of sand in my face! After a couple of hours we called it a day, and drove back to Sarah’s apartment, stopping for another delicious coffee along the way.

We had a nice bit of time to relax at Sarah’s place before I headed back to the hotel in the evening, before my wake-up call in the middle of the night. It was great having the whole day to spend time together, and even better that Sarah was able to get the day off work!

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