A Stroll Through Stockholm

I’ve just got back from a layover in Stockholm. It wasn’t my first time here, however I decided to have a wander around the old town to admire the pretty cobbled streets and painted buildings.

Since it gets dark pretty early in winter (around 4pm!) myself and three of the other crew decided to head out fairly soon after arriving at the hotel for a walk and some exploring.

It was the first time in Stockholm for all of them, so we decided to visit Gamla Stan, the old town, which is luckily just a short walk from our crew hotel.

We strolled past lots of pretty boutiques, shops and cafes with the smell of cinnamon and cardamom wafting out into the narrow streets.

Of course a cinnamon bun was too hard to resist, so we all picked up one to eat whilst enjoying the last of the afternoon light. It tasted just as incredible as it smelt! 

We wandered on through the old town, stopping at the pretty coloured houses in the main square for some pictures.

By this point it was starting to drizzle a little, and with the cold weather and sunset looming, we decided to start making our way back to the hotel.

We crossed over the bridge back to our hotel, had a little browse in the shops, before calling it a night.

Having been up since before sunrise in Dubai, I had a nice early night in. The next morning I walked to Barry’s Bootcamp, a super tough workout class (luckily the class was held in English, not Swedish!) before breakfast in the hotel.

It was a lovely layover in Stockholm, I just hope I’ll get to visit in Summer sometime!

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