June & July Roster

Well, here we again with another roster post. Somehow this year is just flying by and I’m barely finding the time to update my blog, although I do miss writing here! If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen where I went in June, as I only had two flights and then went on leave.

  • LAX – Los Angeles, USA
  • IAD – Washington D.C., USA
  • Annual Leave

Although I only had two flights, they were both long ones to the US, which meant good flying hours (= good pay!) so I was happy about that. Restrictions have started to finally ease and we are now allowed out on some of our layovers, so whilst I only made it as far as In-N-Out Burger on my trip to LA, in Washington I was able to get out and about for some much awaited exploring. 

Mask rules have also relaxed in the US so it was a breath of fresh air (literally!) not having to wear a mask at all. Obviously I’m fully vaccinated but this hasn’t really meant much has changed at all in Dubai, we still have to wear masks at all times including whilst outdoors – not so fun in the 45°C heat! 

On my Washington layover we took a trip to the Great Falls in Virginia, which was an awesome day out. It felt so good to be back in nature and I loved all of the greenery. I’ll try to post about that here ASAP!

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Beautiful Nice

One of my recent trips was to Nice, in the south of France. I was very excited for this trip, as I had bid for it and they gave me 2! Unfortunately, crew rostering took me off the first one and put me on Munich instead, which I wasn’t so excited about. When it finally got round to time to go, I was ready to explore! The flight over was super easy, just under 6 hours. We did have a fair bit of turbulence, but nothing I can’t handle now! :D

We landed in Nice around 2pm and got taken to our hotel, which was only a few minutes from the airport, and right opposite the beach. As in literally, cross the road and you’re there! We decided to go out straight away and not waste any time. Two of the guys and one other girl and I decided to walk into the centre. We were told it was about a 40 minute walk but as it was all along the promenade next to the sea we didn’t mind at all. However the boys soon changed their minds and decided they didn’t fancy walking so just the other girl, Hannah, and I made our way into town.


The weather was absolutely gorgeous, hot and sunny and we were both ready for an ice cream! As soon as we got into the centre we found somewhere to cool off a bit and decided on a smoothie instead. We didn’t have anywhere in particular that we wanted to go, so just walked all around. The cobbled streets were so pretty and we even bumped into some of the other crew who had taken the bus into town!


We strolled past a little market selling lots of trinkets and things that nobody really needs, and I got a cheesy fridge magnet to add to my (growing) collection! After a good few hours of walking we decided to head back to the hotel to meet up with some of the others for dinner. We had arranged to meet in the lobby and we got there with 5 minutes to spare! The walk back was lovely as well, along the promenade which was busy with joggers, cyclists and people just enjoying a nice stroll.

We got a taxi to the old town and went to a steak restaurant …where of course I ended up having a burger :D My excuse was that the menu was in French and that was the only thing I understood ;)


As the sun started to set we headed back to the hotel, and the town looked so pretty all lit up. Once we got back we popped up to the pool/rooftop bar to have a look at the view – it was so gorgeous!


The next morning Hannah and I met up for breakfast in the hotel – fresh croissants in the sun, what more could you want!


I decided to walk to the supermarket which wasn’t far from the hotel and get a few bottles of wine, and some nice ham and bacon! Ended up spending a bit more than I had intended, but never mind!

All too soon my mini holiday was over and it was time to go back to work and back to Dubai. I can’t really remember the flight home so I guess that must mean it was pretty uneventful!
Nice was such a beautiful place, I can’t wait to get the flight again!