June & July Roster

Well, here we again with another roster post. Somehow this year is just flying by and I’m barely finding the time to update my blog, although I do miss writing here! If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen where I went in June, as I only had two flights and then went on leave.

  • LAX – Los Angeles, USA
  • IAD – Washington D.C., USA
  • Annual Leave

Although I only had two flights, they were both long ones to the US, which meant good flying hours (= good pay!) so I was happy about that. Restrictions have started to finally ease and we are now allowed out on some of our layovers, so whilst I only made it as far as In-N-Out Burger on my trip to LA, in Washington I was able to get out and about for some much awaited exploring. 

Mask rules have also relaxed in the US so it was a breath of fresh air (literally!) not having to wear a mask at all. Obviously I’m fully vaccinated but this hasn’t really meant much has changed at all in Dubai, we still have to wear masks at all times including whilst outdoors – not so fun in the 45°C heat! 

On my Washington layover we took a trip to the Great Falls in Virginia, which was an awesome day out. It felt so good to be back in nature and I loved all of the greenery. I’ll try to post about that here ASAP!

After I got back I had almost 2 weeks leave – originally I had planned to join my parents on a trip to Scotland, however the UK is still not letting anyone in from the UAE without a 10 day hotel quarantine. With that in mind, I tried to find somewhere that was easy to get to, had fairly relaxed restrictions, and settled on Croatia. I had 4 days by myself in Split, and then my sister, brother and his girlfriend joined me for 5 days in Dubrovnik. It was just gorgeous, and we had the best time. 

As for my July roster (don’t mind that we’re already halfway through the month…!) I’m actually on reserve! It’s been a while since I had reserve and I was actually rostered a couple of flights straight away, so so far it’s not been too bad.

  • GRU – Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • CAI – Cairo, Egypt (turnaround)
  • AMM – Amman, Jordan (turnaround) *removed*
  • LAX – Los Angeles, USA
  • BP – Business Promotion Event
  • Reserve

As soon as I got back from my leave I was put straight onto a trip to Sao Paulo! It’s been years since I visited, and sadly this time we weren’t allowed to leave the hotel, so it was a quiet layover with just a trip to the gym and some good Brazilian steak for lunch. If you like, you can read about my last trip here

Once I got back I had a couple of days off to recover (we have 2 mandatory days off before and after every ultra long range flight) and was then given a few flights. It’s quite rare for that to happen on reserve month – usually you will be given a block of standby hours, during which you might get given a flight, or you might get given something the day before. 

I had a turnaround to Cairo, which was one of the busiest and most hectic flights I’ve done in years. After that I was supposed to have another turnaround to Amman, however the aircraft changed and I was removed. Although it meant losing flying hours I was happy to have days off to send some time at home in Dubai and prepare myself mentally for another 16 hour flight!

Next up was my trip to Los Angeles (the second in two months), which I’ve just got back from. I saw Jessica from Jessica’s Journey with Emirates go on a hike there recently, so I was determined to make the most of being allowed out again and do the same. Luckily there were 3 other Brits on the flight (a rarity in itself!) who were up for joining me, and we headed out to Runyon Canyon for a really great hike. It was steep and rocky but so rewarding. It really felt great to be outdoors, doing something active and enjoying the gorgeous weather.

My next duty is actually a business promotion event. It’s been fairly quiet for events recently, although I did participate in the Arabian Travel Market back in May (some of you may have seen me feature on the official Emirates Instagram page!). This one is a trip to the US to help launch our latest destination – Miami! I’m super excited, although it’s certainly the month of long flights, with Sao Paulo, LA and now Miami! (All of them 14-16 hour flight time).

After that I have just a week left of reserve, so let’s see where I’ll end up. I’m hoping for a flight to Europe as I got a taste for the European summer whilst on my leave in Croatia and I want more!

That’s it for my roster, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing where I’ve been the past couple of months. As always, I post much more frequently on Instagram, so do head over there if you want to stay up to date!

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  2. July 21, 2021 / 8:17 pm

    it’s funny that you’ve said this year’s flying by. i’ve felt like this year has been one of the longest ever.

  3. Eva Crabb
    July 17, 2021 / 6:49 pm

    I would love to see a blog and photos from your trip to Split and Dubrovnik. Love your posts, hi from Canada!

    • thedubaidiaries
      July 18, 2021 / 10:46 pm

      I will try to post from my trip to Croatia soon, I have soo many pictures! 🙂

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