So it turns out Annecy is actually closer to Geneva, which I visited twice last month, and not Lyon! I had my heart set on visiting during my last trip to Lyon, but didn’t want to go alone, but if only I had known (or done my research better!) I could have popped over from Geneva.

Never mind, this trip I found 3 others who were also up for a road trip, and after a few small complications (i.e. there being no cars available in any of the car hire places at the main train station!) and a quick metro ride a few stops along, we managed to hire a car.

Our captain Christian, from Mexico, along with Jenny from Scotland, Waleed from Egypt, and myself, were all ready to go and finally on our way.

The drive out of the city took a while as there was a fair bit of traffic, but once we were on the motorway it was smooth sailing.

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After spending my leave at home, I still had a few days off which I didn’t want to waste. Kirsty, my lovely ex-flatmate who is now living in Hong Kong (once you’ve got the travel bug, it never leaves you!) invited me along on a little trip to Lyon. It was one of the places that she’d never got round to visiting in her four year stint in Dubai, so I booked my tickets and hopped on the plane!

Kirsty had already arrived the night before, so she gave me instructions on how to get to our hotel and came and met me outside. Just in time for a lovely sunset stroll and some delicious French food and wine!

DSC_0266 DSC_0267

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My last flight of the year was to Paris…and for the first time ever, I flew with a friend! Taylor from VOLARE┬ámanaged to swap her Bangkok and we were ready to wander the streets of Paris.


After a relatively early start and a busy full flight, we arrived! Luckily we were blessed with gorgeous weather, unlike 2 days earlier where it had been pouring with rain and I only made it as far as the shopping centre next to the hotel!


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