Snapshots from Barcelona

Barcelona…one of my favourite cities in the world! I lived nearby in a small seaside town for 3 months one summer doing an internship as a hotel receptionist, and most weekends or days off we would jump on the train and head into the city.

So every time I see Barcelona on my roster, I’m always happy!

We arrived fairly late in the evening and a few of the crew were heading down for tapas. Normally I would have joined them as I love tapas, but it was already late and considering I wasn’t actually even hungry, I decided to give it a miss this time.

The next morning I was up fairly early and popped down to the breakfast buffet, where I bumped into a few of the other crew. We decided to head into the city for a stroll around, as the weather was gorgeous.

Our first stop was the Boqueria Market, a huge covered market selling all sorts of tasty treats.

Piles of these fresh juices are around every corner, and most of them cost just 1 Euro! We picked up bags full of fresh cherries to snack on whilst we toured the market.

Having lived nearby and also been on holiday to Barcelona a couple of times, I have of course visited this market plenty in the past, but it’s still always a delight to see the fresh fruits, meats, cheeses, chocolates and more on offer.

I wish I’d picked up some of the delicious Spanish jamón and salamis to take back, but it was a pretty hot day and I didn’t want them to go off.

After a stroll through the market, we continued along La Rambla, possibly Barcelona’s most famous street. It’s a central street which stretches for 1,2 kilometres, and is lined with street artists, touristy stalls, and pickpockets 😉 So hold on to your handbags here!

Our walk continued on to wherever we liked the look of (including a few stops in the shops of course!)

We passed by Plaça Reial, a lovely square lined with cafés, bars and restaurants, and plenty of shady palm trees.

My suggestion…don’t wear a wrap dress when it’s windy! 😉

Afte stopping at a few more shops for a browse, we headed back down towards the waterfront.

If only we had more time on the layover I would have loved to sit out along the beach enjoying the lovely weather, sipping on a cocktail.

Unfortunately it was already getting late in the afternoon and we had an early evening wake up call before an overnight flight back, so after a few more pictures it was time to head back to the hotel.

Adiós Barcelona, y hasta luego!

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