Sunset in Central Park

Not long ago I was rostered a flight to New York, the city that never sleeps.

After a long 14 hour flight, we landed into JFK airport and were soon on our way to our hotel in the city. Since it was a nice evening, a group of us decided to walk to Central Park to have a drink and watch the sunset.

The view from my room – skyscrapers galore!

Our hotel is right by Times Square, so it’s not a long walk towards Central Park. However it was very busy, but then again that’s New York for you, always busy and full of people!

Right as we were at the entrance to Central Park, I felt something wet land on my head, a bird had pooped all over my hair, as well as one of the other guy’s feet! I guess it’s good luck..haha!

We strolled on through the park, where everyone was out enjoying the balmy evening.

We stopped at the Boathouse for a drink, a lovely little restaurant with outdoor seating overlooking the lake.

You can actually even go for a gondola ride if you want to feel like you’re in Venice!

There were plenty of people queueing up to hire boats to take out onto the water, but we just sat and enjoyed the view.

Before long the sun was starting to set, and the sky turned a beautiful pink colour.

After having been awake for around 24 hours at this point, most of us were feeling a bit tired, so decided to head back towards the hotel, stopping for a bite to eat from one of the carts lining the streets.

The next morning I didn’t have any plans for the day, and as I have done plenty of sightseeing in the past, decided to just take it easy and have a chilled out day.

But when in New York, there’s one thing you can’t pass up, and that is a fresh bagel! Normally I’m not a huge fan of bagels, but I decided to walk to Pick-A-Bagel, which has an enormous variety to choose from. The picture doesn’t even justify how huge my bagel was, stuffed with so much cream cheese that it was almost exploding!

I could only manage half, and took the other half with me for the flight. I continued walking on towards Columbus Circle, where there is a huge Whole Foods, to pick up a few supermarket bits and bobs.

All in all it was a pretty relaxed layover in New York; sometimes you just need to take it easy!

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