Discovering Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a city that I never really thought twice about. I’ve actually flown there a couple of times, but since we used to stay in a hotel away from the city, most of the crew would just meet for drinks in the hotel and have a relaxing layover. However, since our new crew hotel is now only a 20 minute walk from the city centre, I decided to give it a visit!

If you saw my July roster post you would have seen that I was meant to be flying to Guangzhou. Well, I checked my roster a couple of days before and it had suddenly changed to Frankfurt! No complaints on my side; although Guangzhou would have been a new city to tick off the list, it’s not somewhere I’m particularly fussed about visiting.

The flight over to Frankfurt was nice and short, around 6 hours, although it was a 3am departure which meant lots of coffee was needed! Once we arrived I had a good nap, then got myself ready to do some exploring.


Getting into bed as the sun is rising – that’s cabin crew life for you!

After a scorching walk into the city (35 degrees no less, I almost felt like I was back in Dubai but without the air-con!) it was time to hit the shops.

The central street in Frankfurt is called the Zeil, and has everything you could ever need! I was on a mission to find shoes to go with my dress for Kirsty’s wedding next month (my ex-flatmate who has now moved to Hong Kong) but it was mission unsuccessful this time.

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Rio Part II

After a short flight from Buenos Aires we arrived back in to the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. As we got to the hotel after midnight, we made arrangements to get up early the next morning for a full day of sightseeing.

The bus driver that picked us up from the airport arranges tours so the Portuguese speaker negotiated with him and we were up bright and early. Our first stop was one of Rio’s most famous icons – Christ the Redeemer, also known as “Cristo Redentor” in Portuguese. It stands at 30 metres tall (not including the 8 metre base), and the arms stretch out to 28 metres.


The Christ is located at the top of the Corcovado mountain overlooking the city, so as you can imagine the views are stunning. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t quite as good as on our first day, and although it was hot, it was pretty foggy.

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Hola Argentina!

Part two of my 6-day trip took me to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We arrived pretty late in the evening, and after checking in headed down to the hotel bar to sample some Argentinian wine!

We were up early the next morning and after breakfast decided to get the hop-on hop-off bus around the city. Only one of the girls had been to Buenos Aires before, so it was the perfect way to get to see the city.


The guide on the bus recommended a few places for us to get off and see, and our first stop was the “La Recoleta” Cemetery. It is home to the graves of many famous Argentinians, such as Eva Perón, presidents of Argentina, and a granddaughter of Napoleon. On the way there the bus passed by plenty of statues and sights.

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Rockin’ Rio

I’ve just got back from probably the most amazing trip I’ve ever had. A day in Rio, quick hop to Buenos Aires for another day spent there, then back to Rio for the last 24 hours. Plenty of time to do loads of exploring and sightseeing, but no way long enough! I made sure to make the most of it though and see as much as possible!

Seeing as the trip spanned 6 days, I’ve decided to split the blog posts up so as not to overcrowd them with hundreds of pictures!

On our first evening in Rio we arrived late afternoon and 8 of us met for drinks by the pool. The sun was just setting and the hotel we stay in is right on the beach. So beautiful!

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Toronto tales

Right now I’ve just got back from a wonderful trip to Bangkok, and a post about that shall be coming very soon. First on the agenda however, is an update about my much-awaited trip to Toronto!
If only all had gone as brilliantly as planned….

So the flight out was non-stop, super hectic and very similar to my Seattle flight. After around 14 hours with just a 3 hour break in the bunks and not a single chance to sit down other than that (let alone to stop and eat!) we finally arrived in Canada! Once we got to the hotel it was evening time, so we made plans to meet up the next day for some sightseeing. I ordered room service and having never tried them before, I can now say sweet potato fries (chips) are the best thing ever!!

Bright and early the next day a few of us headed out to do some exploring. Our first stop was the St Lawrence Market, a short walk from our hotel.


Yummy gingerbread latte to warm us up 🙂


We browsed around and stopped for some breakfast as well. This market was actually named the world’s best food market by National Geographic in 2012! I would love to have a market like this in Dubai where everything looks so fresh and tasty! 

After breakfast (which was probably more like brunch by this time) and a free mini gingerbread latte from Starbucks we walked across town to find the Christmas market.


As we arrived at the markets it started snowing! It didn’t settle unfortunately but it made everything feel so much more Christmassy 🙂

Giant Christmas tree! 🙂Image

We browsed around the stalls and although none of us bought anything it was a lovely market. Our next stop was the CN Tower, which used to be (I believe) the tallest building in the world, until the good old Burj Khalifa came along! Trust Dubai to want to be bigger and better! 😉 

We got zoomed up to the 112th floor, and the view was of course beautiful. There was a little opening in the sky just over the water and we also watched a few planes take off from the small airport you can see from the window! 🙂ImageImageImageImageImage

Standing on the glass floor!

There’s also a glass floor at the top which is pretty scary! After spending a while admiring the view and taking plenty of pictures we headed back down. Our plan for the next day was to rent a car between 5 of us and drive to Niagara Falls, so we stopped by a couple of car rental places but none of them could get us a car until lunchtime, which would have been too late. As I’ve actually already been to Niagara Falls before I wasn’t that fussed about going again (especially not in the freezing cold!) so 3 of the girls booked a tour with the hotel which was a little more pricey but the only option after not being able to rent a car. After our quick pitstop at the hotel we decided to split up, and I headed out to the Eaton Centre, a massive shopping centre. By this time it was already starting to get dark outside and I did get a little lost trying to find it! 😀 Once I got there though I managed to get a fair bit of Christmas shopping done 🙂 ImageImageImage

Lots of Christmassy decorations inside the Eaton Centre 🙂

In the evening I walked back to the hotel and had a nice relaxing evening planning what to do the next day. If only that had happened…. I woke up super early not feeling well at all, and ended up getting worse and worse! I also got a message from one of the other girls asking if I had been ill, as she’d been up all night in the bathroom! We had eaten the exact same thing at the market so we were pretty sure it was food poisoning! 🙁 What a way to spend the only 3 day layover you’ve ever had…. 2 out of 3 days in bed! I called our medical emergency number and they sent a doctor to come and check and he confirmed that it was food poisoning, who would have guessed it in a place like Toronto! 🙁

So that’s that, unfortunately I don’t have as many exciting stories to tell as I would have liked to from a 3 day layover, but never mind! Next time 🙂
(I have to admit I’m pretty upset that I didn’t manage to buy a magnet this time, I’ll definitely have to try and bid for the trip again!)

I deadheaded back (aka flew as a passenger) along with the other girl who got food poisoning but I just slept the whole flight. Thankfully I’m feeling much better now and was pretty much back to normal by the time my next flight to Bangkok came around. More on that trip to come! 🙂


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